Preschool Dance Classes at The Dance Company



Preschool classes at TDC are based on a dancers age as of the end of the calendar year in which the season begins. Parents may choose to enroll their dancer in the level below.  Enrollment in a level above a dancer's age requires faculty approval.

  • Music for all classes is carefully chosen and age appropriate. Preschooler
  • All classes follow a guided syllabus with a predetermined monthly focus, accompanied by thematic matieral based on upcoming holidays, events and seasons. 
  • Students are rewarded with stamps and the occaisional sweet treat at the end of class for a job well done
  • Coloring pages and monthly handout for parents are also ditributed
  • Benefits of dance for your preschooler: Creative Expression, Imaginitive Play, Confidence, Friendships, Leadership, Discipline, Respect, Self-Esteem, Exercise, Fun!
  • Caring Adult Instructors who enjoy and have experience teaching children



Me & You

24-36 Months

30 minute class meets once a week

Parent assisted class- meaning parent attends and participates with the child (A Mom, Dad, Grandparent etc)

Exploration of basic dance and tumbling skills

Dances, games, songs and exercises geared towrds creating musical awareness, development of coordination and gross motor skills, artistic expression and socialization; creating a love of dance along the way

Ballet slippers required


Play & Learn

3 years old by end of the calendar year to begin classes in August

30 minute class meets once a week

Combination class featuring creative movement fun and games, basic locomotor skills, dance terminology & classroom ettiquette 

Pre Co  

Ballet slippers required


Tiny Dancers

Pre Mice

45 minute class meets once a week

4-5 years old

20 minutes of Ballet focused instruction and 20 minutes of Tap instruction each class

Ballet slippers and U-Shell Tap shoe required




Tiny Tumblers

4-6 years old

45 minute class meets once a week

Acrobatics and floor gymnastics

Bare Feet





preschool dance


Preschool Dance Schedule: 

PRE 2‘s Tue 5:30pm   6:00pm Me & You: parent assisted creative movement & play class- 24-36 mos

PRE 3's Mon  6:30pm  7:00pm Play & Learn: creative movement combo class- 3 yrs

PRE 3's Thr  5:45pm  6:15pm Play & Learn: creative movement combo class- 3 yrs



  PRE 4-5's Tue  5:30pm  6:15pm Tiny Dancers Ball/Tap Combo- 4-5 yrs (*CLASS FULL- WAIT LIST AVAILABLE)

PRE 4-5's Wed  5:30pm  6:15pm Tiny Dancers Ball/Tap Combo- 4-5 yrs
PRE 4-5's Thr  6:15pm  7:00pm Tiny Dancers Ball/Tap Combo- 4-5 yrs



TINY TUMBLE Tue  5:30pm  6:15pm Preschool Tumbling: floor gymnastics- 4-5 yrs

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*B &W photography by Mili Walker 

*Recital Photography by Rebecca Shehorn