Preschool Dance Classes at The Dance Company

PreschoolerPreschool classes at TDC are based on a dancers age as of the end of the calendar year in which the season begins. Parents may choose to enroll their dancer in the level below.  Enrollment in a level above a dancer's age requires faculty approval. 


  • Music for all classes is carefully chosen and age appropriate. 
  • All classes follow a guided syllabus with a predetermined monthly focus, accompanied by thematic matieral based on upcoming holidays, events and seasons


Students are rewarded with stamps and the occaisional sweet treat at the end of class for a job well done

Coloring pages and monthly handout for parents is also ditributed

Benefits of dance for your preschooler: Creative Expression, Imaginitive Play, Confidence, Friendships, Leadership, Discipline, Respect, Self-Esteem, Exercise, Fun!

Caring Adult Instructors who enjoy and have experience teaching children


Play & Learn

3 years old by end of the calendar year to begin classes in August

30 minute class meets once a week

Combination class featuring creative movement fun and games, basic locomotor skills, dance terminology & classroom ettiquette 

Ballet slippers required


Creative Movers: 

4 years old

Pre Co 45 minute class meets once a week 

An expanded version of the Play & Learn class with more specific focus on learning names steps, distinguishing between various styes and genres and a longer class time to accomodate a growing attention span

Ballet slippers required


Tiny Dancers:

5 years old

45 minute class meets once a week

20 minutes of Ballet focused instruction and 20 minutes of Tap instruction each class

Ballet slippers and U-Shell Tap shoe required



Tiny Tumblers: Pre Mice

4-6 years old

45 minute class meets once a week

Acrobatics and floor gymnastics

Bare Feet


Petite Hip Hop: 

5 years old

45 minute class meets once a week

Basic Jazz & Hip Hop footwork, terminology and style

Black Hip Hop Sneaker




preschool dance



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*B &W photography by Mili Walker 

*Recital Photography by Rebecca Shehorn