Why I Love to Dance
I love to dance to showcase my emotions and
I love how we push each other to be better
It's a good environment
I get to show people I'm more than just a shy girl
Being at the studio makes me 10 times happier!
I like being dedicated to something
It's a place where I can just dance it OUT
I dance to get away from my CRAZY family
and to let go of everything outside of dance
I shrink from being BIG
I'm a perfectionist
I'm a perfectionist
I'm a perfectionist
I make things harder than they are
I can get really hard on myself, but
I love that I can be myself
I love that dance has no definition -
it's not like a coloring book where you just fill in the lines
It's creating from scratch
I like the feeling of flying
I love that I LOVE to dance
I love to just like, PFWHOOOWWW, explode and be sassy in front of everyone
I am a Dancer
(Student created poem, from the Magnetic Dancer workshop)


Ballerina  Preschool Princess Camp is July 8-9-10 from 9am-12pm.  


Join us for National Dance Day! 

July 26, 2014 11am-2pm

Sallie & Pre Co 14

Congrats Ensemble on a performance season full of growth and success

Lexi & Taylor













   Seniors Taylor and Lexi wrap up their last competition season while our Preschool Company celebrates making it through their first! 











Most Entertaining Act

So proud of our Dancers! Congratulations on winning the Platinum Power Award for the most Entertaining Act of the event at Platinum's Indianapolis Regional! 





Sugar and Snow





Stay tuned for a Highlight Reel of our 2014 Nutcracker Performance! Coming Soon...







Congratulations to TDC's Elite Ensemble on an amazing performance and a crazy fun trip in June! The dancers traveled to Walt Disney world and performed in the Disney Youth Program!